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Washington, DC Personal Injury Attorney

Persistent representation for Metro D.C. and Maryland injury victims

If an accident has affected you and your family, you can turn to personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C. Joel M. Finkelstein for compassionate and comprehensive representation.

Attorney Finkelstein has a two-part strategy:

  • He helps the injured and their families deal with the emotional and physical turmoil that follows an injury.
  • He simultaneously develops a strong case against the negligent party so you can be fully compensated for your injury.

His focus is on your immediate needs to obtain medical treatment, pay medical bills, and seek lost wages. He deals aggressively but professionally with insurance companies to obtain the best possible results.

Through the process, he keeps clients informed and remains available for questions and status reports.

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Experience & Skill

How can a Washington, DC personal injury attorney like Joel M. Finkelstein help you?

In his 46 years as a proven leader in Metro D.C. personal injury cases, Mr. Finkelstein has negotiated and tried countless cases. His experience includes: 

The Law Office of Joel M. Finkelstein

One injury lawyer. Real solutions.

Contact the Law Offices of Joel Finkelstein in Washington, DC to see how an attorney with nearly five decades of personal injury law experience can help. The initial consultation is free. If Mr. Finkelstein takes your case, you only pay fees if he recovers money for you.

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