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Skilled Washington, DC Motorcycle Accident Attorney with Over 40 Years in Practice

Washington, DC motorcycle accident lawyer helping crash victims seek justice

Motorcycles offer virtually no protection in a crash. That is why the risk of injury or death in motorcycle accidents is so high.

Washington, D.C. motorcycle accident lawyer Joel M. Finkelstein understands the duties of bikers, motorists, and municipalities. And he knows how to handle the injury claims that result when someone fails to follow the rules.

Sometimes motorcycle accidents are caused by careless drivers. But more often, collisions occur when other drivers fail to keep a proper distance, or to respect the equal rights of motorcyclists—or as the result of roadway defects, malfunctioning traffic lights, or faulty signs.

Mr. Finkelstein applies his 46 years of experience as a Washington DC personal injury attorney to each injury case he handles. He has achieved outstanding results for clients through vigorous negotiation and litigation. Indeed, he has become one of the top motorcycle accident lawyers in Washington, D.C.He works swiftly to preserve physical evidence, locate and interview witnesses, and document all medical treatment.

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Experience & Skill

How can a Washington, DC motorcycle accident attorney like Joel M. Finkelstein help you?

Joel Finkelstein has the experience as a motorcycle accident attorney in Washington, D.C. to be an invaluable resource to injured victims of negligence. Moreover, he provides comprehensive services to his clients, allowing them to concentrate on recovery while he works on every aspect of their cases.
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Contact the Law Offices of Joel Finkelstein in Washington, D.C. to see how an attorney with nearly five decades of injury law experience can help. The initial consultation is free. If Mr. Finkelstein takes your case, you only pay fees if he recovers money for you.

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