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Persistently championing CP victims and their families since 1964

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy is devastating. Parents are understandably angry and have so many questions about how and why the injury happened and who will help them take care of their child.

Washington, D.C. cerebral palsy attorney Joel M. Finkelstein helps provide answers. For nearly 50 years he has examined and pursued birth injury cases against doctors, nurses, midwives, anesthesiologists, and hospitals whose negligence has resulted in a child’s cerebral palsy.

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CP Injury Attorney Joel M Finkelstein

Many factors can contribute to cerebral palsy

In general, cerebral palsy is a brain injury that causes muscle malfunctions, including:

Attorney Joel M. Finkelstein has experience handling CP claims resulting from a wide variety of negligent conduct:
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Contact the Law Offices of Joel Finkelstein in Washington, D.C. to see how an attorney with six decades of injury law experience can help. The initial consultation is free. If Mr. Finkelstein takes your case, you only pay fees if he recovers money for you.

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