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Washington, DC and Maryland Birth Injury Attorney

Nearly six decades of tenacious birth injury litigation

When substandard medical care or a practitioner’s mistakes cause a birth injury, the damage lasts a lifetime.

At the Law Offices of Joel Finkelstein, you will find a medical malpractice lawyer with nearly six decades of experience and demonstrated results in birth injury cases who will help seek justice.

Birth injury cases are never simple. Mr. Finkelstein understands how to investigate and pursue these complex claims. He works with a network of medical and life-care planning experts to determine the cause, extent, and prognosis of a birth injury. He tenaciously and effectively negotiates for a fair settlement with the responsible medical providers and their insurance companies, while always being prepared to take a case to trial to obtain a fair result.

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Experience & Skill

Caring for a child who has suffered a birth injury is extremely costly

Mr. Finkelstein helps obtain compensation so families can pay for therapy, nursing care, medications, durable equipment, specialized help, technology, and adaptive therapy.

Attorney Finkelstein gets to know your child and your family so that he can explain your story to a jury.

He pursues claims against doctors, nurses, midwives, anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and hospitals for a variety of birth injuries:

The Law Office of Joel M. Finkelstein

One injury lawyer. Real solutions.

Contact the Law Offices of Joel Finkelstein in Washington, DC to see how an attorney with nearly six decades of birth injury litigation experience can help. The initial consultation is free. If Mr. Finkelstein takes your case, you pay fees only if he recovers money for you.


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